Previous Workshops

2021-2022: "Audience Development", workshop for adults

Theater needs at least 2 persons to happen:
a spectator who watches and a performer who acts. Now it’ s the audience’ s turn, to speak and the performers, us, turn to listen.
Come to get to know each other, to share ideas, wishes and needs about the place of theatre in our lives and our children’s, by playing.
What do you want from a show or a festival that you will attend, how long should it last, what should it contain? It is time that we listen to your own suggestions and together shape new aesthetics, new ways of communication, a different social and political content and a new form of theatre.

2021-2022: "Butterfly Project", self-awareness workshop for adults

Katerina Alexaki and the Artika School invites you all on a journey of exploration through theatre and personal storytelling. On a daily bases we attempt to live as best as we can through our different roles as parents, partners, children, friends, colleagues etc The goal here is to discover and accept our different sides as we take part in role plays, children’s games, discussions and sharing. So gradually
the cocoon we have carefully woven begins to transform to other forms of life.

2021-2022: "A picture 1000 tiles" experiential online education workshop

The workshop “A picture with 1000 tiles” deals with online education and its goal is, through the tools of applied theatre and mindfulness, to transform digital teaching into a fruitful, creative and stress-free experience for teachers and students.

2021-2022: "Exploring a relationship through music", experiential workshop for parents with their children (1-2 years old)

The aim of the workshop is to create the right conditions so that moments of emotion and shared experience can occur. Our tools to create these conditions will be free exploration of musical instruments, free exploration of the voice, songs, as well as play activities with movement in the space accompanied by live music.