Something like a garden

theatre with dance and live music, for spectators from 1 to 5 years old

“Something like a garden” is a performance talking to all our senses and represents those moments in our lives that are bright, full of inspiration and in a mood for play and discovery, also talking about relationships, sharing and fear.

The day begins inside a garden, a garden that is born, created and comes alive with the power of imagination. It is a garden of transformations. The rain becomes a river, the wood becomes a boat, the leaf becomes a plate to eat. Finally, the performance ends, but the story continues, from theatre to life, altogether around the stage and eventually in our everyday lives

Concept – Direction: Marilena Triantafyllidou
Performing: Kleoniki Karahaliou, Vassilis Kazis
Stage design: Natassa Efstathiadi
Costumes: Olga Evangellidou
Lights: George Agiannitis
Production: Rania Psimenou
Duration: 30′
Date and Time: Saturday, 17:30 (Premiere 12/10/2019)
Venue: Studio Mavromichali theatre