Young Artists Creating for the Very
Young Ages

A few words about the workshop::
Can we create a show for very young ages? What are its special characteristics? Are there specific rules, limits, and restrictions? What could be the theme of such a show? What is the way we will manage to communicate with this tender age? Theatre for very young ages made its appearance timidly in some European countries a few decades ago. But lately it has been appearing more and more and not because it is only a trend.The participation of very young children in the world of theatre is a necessity, which stems from their recognition as complete beings who have the same right to art as the rest of the age groups. Theatre is for them a cradle of development through play, creation and imagination. In the workshop, which will be held for 6 hours every month from December 2022 to May 2023, we will attempt to answer these questions and explore the codes of this particular species through theory, but also practice. Its experiential approach will unleash the creativity of the participants and introduce them to the unique world of theatre for very young ages. At the end, the participants will have the opportunity to present their work to the public during the Festival in May 2023. The workshop is aimed at artists (directors, actors, dancers, etc.), educators and art school students.