Masterclass for adults

"Music in the theatre for the very young"*​​

With Christian Schrøder, art director, actor and musician and Pernille Bach, concept creator, creative/visual artist and actress
A few words about the workshop:
"Music in theatre for the very young" is a creative workshop that will give participants the opportunity to get to know the Danish theatre group Theater Madam Bach and how it uses soundscapes and music to create performances and artistic works that is aimed at these ages. The group mainly creates performances for children aged 2-6 years. After a brief introduction to the artistic approach followed by the two artists Christian Schrøder and Pernille Bach, it will focus on the following two parts: In the first part the art of listening and perceiving with our ears, eyes and whole body will be explored ,and how the senses can be opened by embracing the idea that music is everywhere. In the second part, Christian and Pernille will invite the participants to a creative process with sounds they have brought to the workshop with them. The aim of the workshop is for artists to convey a picture of how they perceive sound and how they integrate music and soundscape into their artistic expression.