"Theatre and education for very young viewers 0-3 and 3-6"

A co-organization of the festival with:

  • the Department of Theater Studies of EKPA, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program (H.E. Greek
    and World Theatre: Dramaturgy, Performance, Education, Specialization: Teaching of Theatre) and the “Theatre, Philosophy and Education” Workshop of the same Department,
  • the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of EKPA, Undergraduate and Postgraduate
    Program (MSc Social Sciences and Humanities in Education, Specialization: Literature, Theatre and
    Language in Education, of the Humanities Department) and the “Laboratory of Art and Speech” of the same Department.
    Library of the Faculty of Philosophy of E.K.P.A.

The aim of the Conference was to explore the basic elements that define drama and theatre for very young audiences (age groups 0-3 and 3-6).
The Conference included scientific presentations by Greek and foreign scientists and artists and was accompanied by theatre activities related to the theme of the Conference.