4 - 8 May 2023 in Athens

PORTA theatre & ELER theatre

5 days of shows, workshops and other activities

A great celebration of the first age of man and the arts!

Performances, workshops and activities

For the first time in Greece, Artika created an international festival of performing arts, theatre and dance, dedicated to the first age of man. The goal of the festival was to highlight the audience of preschool children, the right of early ages to art and to introduce the Greek audience to the work of foreign artists and their various artistic approaches. The festival was surrounded by performances, discussions and workshops while it was held under the auspices and support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Creative Europe 2018- 2022 in the framework of the Mapping program, and under the auspices of the Department of Theater Studies of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. You can get a taste of our Festival at the link below:


Through the Festival, Artika gave the Greek audience the opportunity to come into contact with the work of international theatre and dance groups that have been successfully active in the field of performing arts for the early ages for more than 10 years. It also gave them the opportunity to watch performances by Greek theatre companies that have a lot of experience in the field as well as beginners. Below you can see the performances that participated in the Festival.


As part of the Festival, workshops aimed at both adults and children. Specifically, there were workshops/masterclasses given by some of the international participants and aimed at adults, as well as thematic workshops for children as part of the festival's performances and the experience of children as spectators. Below you can see in detail the workshops that took place during the Festival.


Within the framework of the festival, two important actions were held highlighting and promoting the performing arts for the very early ages in collaboration with the Department of Theatre Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The participants came from the artistic, educational and university fields , both from Greece and abroad. Below you can find more details about these events.


The audience had the opportunity to see 141 paintings illustrated by dozens of renowned artists from around the world and displayed on four large screens in the foyer of the PORTA theatre, while some of them were printed. Entrance to the exhibition was free. For more information follow the link below.