Mapping presents


The exhibition
There is a big difference between illustrating moments of theatre, dance or circus, and filtering those moments by trying to see them through the eyes and the emotions of a child, focusing on the richness of the those in which a child spectator captures images, sounds and words to feed her or his imagination.

A panel of experts, which includes Giorgia Grilli, professor of Children’s Literature at the University of Bologna and cofounder of the Centre for Research in Children’s Literature (CRLI), Giulia Orecchia, illustrator and author, Maurizio Quarello, illustrator and professor of Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata, Giovanna Ballin from Edizioni Corraini, Philip Giordano, illustrator, Ayami Moriizumi, Itabashi Art Museum, Ivan Canu, director of the Mimaster Illustrazione, Milan – Italy, Mauro Evangelista, founder and director of the school of illustration Ars in Fabula, Italy, and Roberto Frabetti, La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi, coordinator of the Mapping project, selected the 141 works of the exhibition, out of 2364 works that were submitted by hundreds of artists from all over the world, organised in collaboration with Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

During the festival we have the pleasure to host all the works, displayed on 4 large screens in the foyer of Porta Theatre, while the audience was also able to see some of them in print.