To My Shadow

Digital Workshop

To My Shadow by George Souris

We all felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic n many different
ways. But some of us have been affected more and among them
are the very young. Theater and the arts have a fundamental role in enabling young children to make sense of their experiences, feelings and the world in which they grow up.

With this in mind and out of a need to maintain contact with our
audience, we created the digitised version of the workshop “To my
shadow” based on the same title poem by Georgios Souris. This is
a user-friendly video where:

The young viewers, together with their parents, carers or educators,
are able to watch the dramatisation of the poem “To my  shadow”
and parents, caregivers or educators, using the material we suggest,
may guide children in a series of activities on light and shadow element.

Recommended for ages 2+

Idea/Design/Research/Director: Marilena Triantafyllidou
Actor/Musician: Vassilis Kazis
Actress/Dancer: Kleoniki Karahaliou
Scenography Editing – Special constructions: Georgia Burda
Lighting Consultant: Giorgos Agiannitis
Production organisation: Artika